Health Screening

Health Screening

Even if you are in good health, thorough medical screening can diagnose problems early and let you take preventative action to protect your future well being. This is the best way to protect your future health as early diagnosis lets you start treatment before a medical condition has a significant impact on your well-being.

A 90-minute health screening appointment gives us the time to conduct a comprehensive physical examination and run a series of tests to thoroughly evaluate your current state of health.

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A convenient, affordable service

  • Flexible health screening to meet your health needs.
  • Appointments available at short notice.
  • Personalised examination by expert medical staff.
  • Experienced consultants who keep up to date with the latest advances in medical screening.
  • Modern facilities and the latest screening equipment.
  • Completely confidential screening service.
  • Prompt results and fast onward referral when needed.
  • Highly competitive fees.

Scope of the service

  • Measuring your weight and height to assess your body mass index.
  • Examining the rate and rhythm of your heart using a stethoscope.
  • Taking your blood pressure.
  • Checking your peripheral and carotid pulses.
  • Listening to your breathing and using a spirometer to check your lung function.
  • Examining your neck for an enlarged thyroid gland or raised lymph nodes.
  • Using an ophthalmoscope to assess the health of the blood vessels and nerves at the back of your eyes, as this can provide vital information about your general health, possibly indicating diabetes or raised blood pressure.
  • Checking for hearing loss.
  • Assessing your teeth, gums and throat.
  • Checking the response of your central nervous system and reflexes.
  • Palpating your abdomen to exclude any masses or an enlarged liver and spleen.
  • Assessing the size of your kidneys, though this is not always possible in the presence of abdominal obesity.
  • Examining your testes or breasts for lumps.

Tailoring the assessment

While you may prefer to omit a testicular or breast examination, without this aspect of the assessment you would not be receiving full medical health screening. We always offer a chaperone for all patients during physical examination.

Although not all medical assessments include additional tests, these offer extra information that the physical examination alone cannot provide. For instance, an electrocardiogram provides details of the electrical activity of your heart.

Similarly, blood tests provide information about your kidney, liver and thyroid function, as well as indicating the onset of diabetes, high cholesterol or anaemia. Based on your medical history and the results of your physical assessment, further tests such as a chest X-ray or cervical smear might be recommended.

As you may have particular concerns of your own, we can also tailor the tests to your needs. If you are worried about your sexual health, for example, a swab and further blood tests are available as an extra component of your full medical health screening.

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