Private General Practice

Private General Practice

Our private general practice is tailored to meet the needs of individuals or the whole family. Our doctors are passionate about their role as GPs and offer a wide range of specialist skills and experience to provide you with comprehensive, positive healthcare to suit your lifestyle.

Both of our doctors take a holistic approach to healthcare, with an emphasis on functional medicine to promote healthy outcomes. Here, doctors and patients work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness.

Our doctors provide an unhurried, first-class service. Appointments are a minimum of 30 minutes to allow adequate time for diagnosis and discussion in a relaxed atmosphere.

If necessary, we have first-class facilities on site for cardiac investigations and we can provide rapid access to local centres of excellence offering, x-ray, ultrasound, mammography, bone densitometry, colonoscopy, endoscopy and other specialist services.

Our Harley Street location provides easy access to our clinic where you can expect a friendly, personal service with a high standard of care in a comfortable and reassuring setting.

We warmly welcome patients and students from abroad to our private practice. Following a consultation, we can provide you with emergency prescriptions or offer speedy referrals to all the top consultants and hospitals in London.

Our Medical Services

  • Men’s’ health, including: general consultation and checkups, prostate problems, prostate testing, urological assessment, referral if needed for further prostate and urological assessment, sexual health.
  • Women’s’ health, including: general consultation and checkups, cervical smear, HPV vaccination, referral if needed for further breast screening and assessment, sexual health.
  • Flu vaccination **
  • Radiology services
  • Vaccinations
  • Blood tests
  • Ear syringing
  • Prescriptions

** Who should have the flu jab

  • Anyone over the age of 65
  • Pregnant women
  • Children and adults with underlying health conditions such as diabetes, chronic lung infections, heart disease, stroke or renal patients.
  • Children and adults with weakened immune systems.


The full 1 hour Cooper Health Well Man/Well Woman Screen includes the standard medical, but provides a more in-depth medical with a resting ECG and a full blood profile. The profile checks for anaemia, bone marrow disorders, kidney function, liver function, diabetes, gout, iron and bone metabolism, PSA for males over aged 45, thyroid function tests and Vitamin D.

The Well Woman Screen includes breast examination and cervical smears if requested by the patient. We can carry out internal medical examinations such as rectal or vaginal examinations, but this is only done if appropriate and with the patient’s consent.

Additional cardiac tests can be arranged, such as exercise ECG, echocardiograms and other cardiac investigations at the same time with our in-house cardiac facilities. Likewise, additional tests including ultrasound, X-rays, bone densitometry and mammography can all be arranged to follow after the appointment on at the same time at state-of-the-art centres in very close proximity to Cooper Health.

We always ask patients to fast for 12 hours before the time of the medical, but to continue drinking water, as a urine sample is always requested as part of the medical to check for sugar, protein, blood or urinary infection. A full medical report will follow either by email if requested or sent in the post if requested or both.

Cooper Health has much experience in looking after companies and their employees in the Harley Street and surrounding areas, including the West End and City. We offer same day appointments for employees who are feeling ill during the day and do not have time to get back to their home surgery. Rapid access referral can be made to see consultants in the Harley Street or surrounding area if required.

We also provide assessments to companies for employees who have been off work for a long period of time. We advise companies on the current state of health of employee for whom the employer wishes to provide the best possible medical care.

If you need to be referred to a specialised consultant, we can arrange an appointment. We have connections with many of the leading consultants in their specialist fields in Central London, as well as connections with all private central London hospitals.

We are taking new private patients. Please telephone to book an appointment. On the initial consultation, we will do a mini-check-up including checking your blood pressure and urinalysis.